General Information

New Patients 
Appointments for new patients include a comprehensive history and physical examination. The visit takes about one hour. New 
patients will be asked to arrive 30 minutes before their appointment to fill out paperwork. I will not do “problem only” exams unless a 
thorough physical and history have been completed during a previous visit. However, once you have undergone the initial complete 
exam, I will be able to address all of your subsequent medical needs. 
Your Appointments 
Appointments are scheduled during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30 PM. Be sure to sign in at the front 
desk upon arrival at the office. While I strive to be on time, emergencies do occur. You will be alerted by the front desk if I am 
running late. However, if you have not been placed in an exam room within 15 minutes of your appointment, please notify the 
receptionist. Also, if you are running late, I will do my best to accommodate you quickly, but on-time patients will be given first 
priority. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be rescheduled. As a courtesy, you will receive a reminder call 1-2 days 
before your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment you must give us 24 hours notification. Any patient who does not 
cancel or “no-shows” an appointment may be assessed a $60 fee that must be paid before another appointment is made. 
Routine Follow-up Appointments 
Many chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, etc. require frequent monitoring by your 
doctor. You will be asked to schedule appointments in order to be examined, check blood-work, and adjust medications. Refills on 
most chronic medications will be given for 3 to 6 months as 30 day or 90 day prescriptions. For your safety, 1 year prescription 
refills will not be given. You must bring a list of all your medications including dosage to each visit. 
Annual Physical Exams 
All patients need to have annual exams in order to review screening and preventative health measures. At this appointment, 
immunizations, safety measures, new technologies, and treatments will be discussed. I strongly encourage you to make this 
appointment within the same calendar month each year. Routine follow-up and acute problems will not be addressed at this visit. 
Problem or Acute Appointments 
For acute problems or illnesses, appointments on the same or next day will be available. Please call as early in the day as possible to 
be worked in quickly. If you have a life threatening problem, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. Antibiotics 
such as Z-Pack will not be called in without an appointment, you need to be seen to determine an appropriate treatment plan. 
I do not admit patients to the hospital, but I work closely with the in-hospital physician group at Presbyterian Hospital. If you require 
hospitalization, I will contact the admitting physician to provide your records. The in-house group has coverage in the hospital 24 
hours a day, so any emergency situation can be taken care of promptly. They keep me abreast of your progress in the hospital and 
instruct you regarding follow-up care after your discharge. 
Please feel free to call during office hours. The receptionist will make note of the information you require and pass it along to my 
medical assistant. Most calls are answered the same day. However, since a normal day is filled with appointments and emergencies, 
please be patient while we attempt to handle non-emergency issues as soon as possible. 
Payment for Medical Care 
Payment is to be made at the time medical care is rendered. The responsibility for the payment of these fees is the direct obligation of 
the patient. We accept various forms of payment including cash, check and credit card. Many medical services are covered by health 
insurance and our office will file your insurance claim for you. However, you are responsible for payment of your medical bills. Any 
financial benefits you receive from insurance companies or governmental agencies are a matter of settlement solely between you and the agency involved. 
A Final Note 
It is my goal to provide you with the best comprehensive adult care in a caring environment. I consider it an honor and privilege to 
have you in my practice. Please let me know if you have questions about any aspect of my practice, including comments about my 
staff or general office atmosphere. Thank you for your trust.