Preoperative Evaluation

If you are planning on surgery and your surgeon wants you to get a clearance from your internist, please tell the scheduler that you need a "pre-op" appointment. This is a longer appointment than your usual follow up visit and gives your internist enough time to do a complete physical exam prior to any type of surgery involving general anesthesia,  Make sure to schedule your preoperative visit at least one to two weeks prior to your surgery to give her enough time to address any abnormal findings on physical exam or tests. This is to ensure your safety and to reduce complications during and after your surgery. 
The surgical clearance is provided after a thorough examination, blood work, EKG, CXR and other tests deemed appropriate by your doctor. If you develop a medical problem such as an infection after you have been cleared for surgery, please let both your surgeon and internist know immediately, so that they can treat your problem before surgery and make adjustments to your surgery schedule if needed.