What is an Internist?

An internist is a primary care physician who specializes in providing medical care to adults. 
Doctors of Internal Medicine have advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases.  We also emphasize preventive care through annual physical exams, recommend appropriate screening tests, vaccines and supplements.
We are usually the first doctors you will see when you have a medical problem.  While we manage complex conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we also provide acute care when you become ill with something like the flu. 
In addition to treating diseases of the heart, lung and intestinal tract, we are also involved in the management of obesity, substance abuse and mental health.  If after our evaluation and management, we determine that you need to see a subspecialist, we will refer you to the appropriate physician and coordinate your care with them.
Internists bring to patients an understanding of wellness, emphasize disease prevention and promote overall health.
The role of the internist is not just to treat you when you are ill but to also prevent you from getting ill.

We let you to take control of your health by helping you understand your medical conditions, by setting goals, and by giving you the tools and encouragement to achieve those goals.
If you are an adult and don't have an internist, call us today to start your journey to good health!